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Websites to Register for the SAT

To register for the SAT, you need to create an account with College Board. But if you want some thoughtful advice about when to register and choose your test dates, you can also check out these guides and discussion threads below.

College Board

If you’ve heard of the SAT, then you’ve probably heard of College Board. They administer the SAT and send your score reports to colleges. To register, you have to create an account and upload a picture. You can also use their site to search for and learn about colleges across the country, as well as access their practice questions and test.

As of just last year, College Board is finally starting to admit the importance of test prep for doing well on its highly unique test. In a laudable effort to equalize access to resources for all students, College Board is offering some free test material on its website, along with study resources via its collaborator, Khan Academy.

Basically, you need College Board’s website to register for the SAT, send your score reports to colleges, and use Score Choice. However, I wouldn’t recommend it as the best online resource for learning about when to register, how to choose your test dates, and when to take the SAT for the first time, all questions that should be answered with a sense of strategy and purpose.


If you have questions about registration beyond the logistic. I recommend PrepScholar’s guides on When to Take the SAT for the First Time and How Many Times Should You Take the SAT?Your choice of test dates might also be influenced by your colleges’ policies towards superscoring the SAT or providing SAT-based scholarships.

All of these considerations are a departure from College Board’s answer to just register for the SAT once or twice. Before signing up, I would recommend reading more about when and how many times to take the SAT so you can design a testing strategy that works best for you.

College Confidential

College Confidential has several student and parent discussion threads about registering for the SAT, which you can peruse or even join the conversation. This Ask the Dean forum has some advice about how many times to take the SAT. It suggests three – more than College Board, but fewer than what PrepScholar recommends depending on your circumstances and goals.

Choosing your test dates and registering is one of the easier parts of prepping for and taking the SAT. Your first step to prepare should probably be learning exactly what’s on the test.


Here is info for to contact SAT official if you have question about your SAT.